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Financial Abundance Anthem

In 2017, Shaun and his wife were on a wellness retreat in Ohau, Hawaii when they stumbled upon a workshop called "Song Risers." Shaun had always loved music, but he was always too shy to sing in front of others. Nevertheless, he decided to give it a shot, and by the end of the session, Shaun and his wife were belting out tunes, probably way out of tune, but that didn't matter.

The facilitator, RootHub, was brilliant at creating a safe space where everyone could be themselves, regardless of their singing ability. His approach was refreshing, and it stuck with Shaun for years. Five years later, Shaun decided to have RootHub on his podcast to talk about RootHub's relationship with money. Neither Shaun nor RootHub expected to discover something so special.

At the end of the episode, RootHub did something he had never done before. He sang a song about money. It was beautiful, poetic, rare, and filled with universal truths. Instantly, they knew they had something unique.

Since then, RootHub and Shaun have collaborated to create instant financial abundance anthems for other people. Their process is simple yet powerful. Shaun engages in thoughtful and reflective conversations with people around their money stories, how to uncover and untangle them in order to create happy, healthy, thriving relationships with money. During this process, RootHub listens to the conversation and, in true wizard fashion, creates a custom song that reflects back the participant's words and story in a beautiful, poetic way. It's truly a gift.

In 2022, Shaun and RootHub spent the year reflecting on all the work Shaun had done over the previous number of years around his own money story and his relationship with money. Shaun shared his thoughts and journal entries about his experiences, feelings, and deep-seated emotions around money. RootHub listened, talked with Shaun, and then condensed Shaun's words into beautiful, poetic, heartfelt lyrics, resulting in six songs that led them to release their album "Change Making Money" in December 2022.

Now, they're embarking on "Project 100 Financial Abundance Anthems," using their process to uncover people's relationships with money and create individualized songs for 100 people in 2023. Through their work, they hope to help people build a more abundant and fulfilling future for themselves and those around them.

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Through the power of custom songs, we facilitate others to create healthy and thriving relationships with money, one person at a time.

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Our vision is to create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore, examine, and unravel their unique money story. Through music, coaching, experiential and reflective practices, we help facilitate participants' understanding that while money provides essentials and makes life easier, true freedom comes from within, where money is no longer the boat of life but the wind in the sails. By encouraging people to discover and take authorship of their own money story, our participants cultivate a happy, healthy, and thriving relationship with money. Living a truly "Rich Life".

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