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 Dr. Todd B. Kashdan,

Author of The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively, and Professor of Psychology at George Mason University

“There is an unparalleled level of exuberance I experienced. In real time, RootHub shared the song he curated with original personalized lyrics and music.
I was shocked, mystified, curious, and had one of those moments of wonder and awe that you feel when someone really gets you and expresses it in a way that is unlike anything you've heard before.
I still share the song to people who want to get to know me or already do. Some of the most creative moments I have seen in years.”


Business Owner

“When I first decided to create my own 'financial abundance anthem’ I thought it would be a fun little experience.  As a life long music lover I was honestly a little skeptical of the quality of the final product, but Roothub delivered a beautiful song that spoke to directly my soul.  The collaboration of Shaun’s structured yet playful guidance and Roothub’s almost supernatural intuition, has allowed them to achieve something truly remarkable. My song still serves as an impactful reset well over a year later. I still do not quite understand how they do it.”  


Bari Tessler

Financial Therapist | Founder of The Art of Money

"Thank you so much for the beautiful song. It's so wild to hear the words I spoke turned into a song, and it's wonderful."



“This event was an extraordinary and one-of-a kind experience that provided an engaging, transformative, and uplifting experience”
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“This extraordinary experience provides a unique opportunity to delve into your personal relationship with money, fostering a deeper understanding”


Financial Planner


Business Owner

“I found this experience to be extremely reflective and therapeutic.  I have a strong sense of pride my 'abundance anthem', because I was heard and validated.  I am truly grateful to Shaun and Roothub for sharing their wonderful gifts” 

Caron Matthew

Money Coach

"Without a doubt, the unblocking of old beliefs and the shifts I experienced working with Shaun opened the door for me to step up and step into my calling as a Money Coach for Women in a deeper and more meaningful way.


The only way I can describe the experience of having my very own Abundance Anthem created for me on the spot by RootHub is magical, and that doesn't even do it justice. RootHub's ability to capture what's in your heart and soul and transform it into a song is out-of-this-world. It's an experience I'll cherish forever and one I'm eternally grateful to have had.


Don't think twice about working with Shaun and RootHub; your soul will thank you."



“The Anthem was amazing. RootHub's talent is indescribable. I found the process to be incredibly enlightening. Shaun has remarkable insight and delivers it with immense compassion and sincerity. I feel Shaun approached the process with gentleness and caution, giving me the choice to peer through the door and decide if I wanted to enter.”
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